VIRGINIA § 2.1-339.4

Formation of Delmarva Advisory Council

The Governor of this Commonwealth is empowered to execute a compact or agreement on behalf of the Commonwealth and the states of Delaware and Maryland, joining with them to form the Delmarva Advisory Council. The Council's rights, duties and functions shall be substantially as follows within this chapter.

§ 2.1-339.5

Jurisdiction and membership

A. Upon enactment of similar legislation by the states of Maryland and Delaware, the Delmarva Advisory Council shall be established as a regional advisory council for the Delmarva Peninsula. The Council shall be concerned with all of the Delmarva Peninsula south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Such jurisdiction shall include all of Kent and Sussex Counties and a portion of New Castle County in Delaware; all of the Counties of Kent, Queen Anne's, Caroline, Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset and a portion of Cecil County in Maryland; and all of Accomack and Northampton Counties in Virginia.

B. The membership of the Council shall consist of:

1. Five members appointed by the Governor of Delaware, five members appointed by the Governor of Maryland, and five members appointed by the Governor of Virginia; and

2. Such other members from county and municipal governments, and from the private sector as may be established from time to time in the bylaws of the Council.

C. Council members shall annually elect a chairman and such other officers as may be deemed necessary.

D. Members of the council shall serve without pay except that each shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

§ 2.1-339.6

Rules and regulations; meetings

A. The Council shall hold quarterly meetings at a time and place designated by the Council, and shall hold additional meetings as are deemed necessary.

B. The Council shall hold not less than one meeting each year at which the public is given an opportunity to express views concerning regional issues.

C. The Council may adopt bylaws, rules and regulations for its governing and operation not inconsistent with this legislation or laws of the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

§ 2.1-339.7

Duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Council shall include but are not limited to:

(i) Assist in the identification of perceived regional problems and issues;

(ii) Assist in effective solutions for such problems and issues;

(iii) Assist in the resolution of such problems and issues in order to promote a balanced development to improve the economic conditions, quality of life, and environmental concerns of the people of the Delmarva Peninsula;

(iv) Advise the Governors, Secretaries, Legislatures and other local and state agencies on options to solve regional and interstate problems and issues as pertaining to the Delmarva Peninsula;

(v) Prepare and submit quarterly reports and furnish such reports as well as any requested studies by the Governors; and

(vi) Serve in an advisory capacity only.

§ 2.1-339.8

Funding of the Council

A. The Council may accept gifts and grants from any individual, group, association, or corporation, or from the United States Government, subject to such limitations or conditions as may be provided by law.

B. The Council shall employ such professional and clerical personnel and consultants as are necessary to perform such duties as may be lawful in accordance with this chapter.

C. The Delmarva Advisory Council shall receive such funding as is appropriated by law by the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.